Sad news

Feb. 26th, 2013 01:27 pm
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RIP jan howard finder a.k.a. Wombat, after a long and valiant battle with cancer. He was a good friend to both me and [ profile] sdavido for many years (and one of the few people who knew us independently before we met). jan (lowercase!) was my Fan Guest of Honor when I chaired Arisia in 2001 - he was my first choice and I was delighted when he accepted. His ever-present warmth, joy, and sense of adventure served as an inspiration to all who knew him, and we always looked forward to his annual summary of the year's exploits and explorations. He will be greatly missed.

Sad news

Aug. 13th, 2009 12:23 am
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Just got the word that our friend Hal Haag has passed away. He was my first friend on the Arisia concom, and he was also a rabid game vector. If I ever introduced you to FLUXX, it was because I got it from Hal. (Literally - he gave me a deck, which I still have.)

We were still writing at regular intervals, but hadn't seen each other in quite a while because he had gotten too ill to travel. But his spirits were still good, as of when I last heard from him, not too long ago.

Wish we could have fit in one more game, somehow...
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Finally got around to installing the software for our new camera (yay!), so now I can show y'all the cake I made for Arisia!

As I've mentioned, this was the 20th Arisia, so the chair asked me to make a cake for the staff party. She said I could do whatever I wanted. Hee hee.

I was thinking of doing a topsy-turvy cake (a.k.a. a "mad hatter" cake), but realized when I started shaping it that the layers needed to be taller and narrower. Oh well. Hopefully it still looks cool.

Used 5 lb flour, 5 lb sugar, 1/2 lb cocoa, 6 lb confectioner's sugar... took me 2 nights (3 if you count baking). It was gobbled up in 1/2 hour. Fortunately that's a good thing for a cake.

Pardon the background clutter, I was going to snip these down but don't want to spend any more time on it right now.

For those of you who want to see all the steps, Read more... )

And for those of you who just want to see the final product, Read more... )

As you may be able to infer, my "vision" for the cake was "rocket to the moon." (Could also be called "Excelsior.") What do you think? Did it work? :-)
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A friend of ours*, who used to come to Arisia every year but hasn't been able to for a while, would like to come this year but didn't make a hotel reservation in time. He needs to stay in the main hotel for medical reasons. Does anyone know someone who might be looking for a roommate? It would be wonderful if he could be there... Thanks!

* Hal, some of you probably know him...
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We're going to be having Shabbos dinner with [ profile] introverte and [ profile] 530nm330hz. Would anyone else like to join us? We'd be glad of more company, but if you're interested, please respond this week (1/7 - 12) with a note as to what you'd like to bring. I'd like to have final arrangements made by 1/16 at latest, and I really don't want to have to chase people. Thanks for understanding... Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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For those who'd like to know... Read more... )
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Apparently the situation may not be as dire as we thought - see update here.

Sad news

Dec. 11th, 2007 10:04 pm
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For those of you who know Lois Mangan... Read more... )
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Someone reminded me that I hadn't posted a photo of the Arisia GOHs with the GOH cake... Read more... )

And, while I had the CD in the other night, I meant to post a followup to my previous post about the wall damage. Read more... )
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With all the prep for Arisia I've fallen about a week behind on posts, which are at skip = 500+. There's no way I'm going to catch up. If I missed something you think I should see, or would find of interest, please let me know. Thanks!

As a partial apology, though, I'll share one of the things that was taking up my time. Read more... )

Must go to bed... have a good Monday Tuesday, everyone!
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I haven't answered mail in a couple days because I've been buried in other projects for Arisia, et al... I will try to catch up soon, but please don't feel ignored.
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Tonight [ profile] sdavido and I went to the supermarket, and while wandering around, I noticed a woman carrying a bag covered with what looked like Nancy buttons. Hmmmm. While I was trying to read them from a distance to see if that's what they were, the woman turned slightly, and I saw that she was wearing an Arisia '06 T-shirt. Aha! OK, now we knew she was a fan... I spent the next several minutes trying obliquely to figure out if I'd seen her before. I didn't think we knew her, but I felt that I had to say something to her; I can't walk by someone wearing an Arisia shirt and not acknowledge it. I did try a casual comment along the lines of "nice shirt" at one point, but she didn't hear me. (I don't project very well; SD- usually speaks for me when I need someone's attention, but he's lost most of his voice to a cold for the moment.) I was deliberating whether/how to start a conversation for the rest of our shopping trip, to SD-'s annoyance and/or amusement. Finally, when we were checking out, I decided I had to say something or else I'd be upset with myself for the rest of the night. So I walked up and started reading her buttons. (Always a good conversation starter!) She turned out to be equally pleased at running into fen at the supermarket, and we wound up standing in the parking lot talking until I felt I had to get SD- home and out of the cold. Of course she has an LJ account, too... so we have now made the acquaintance of [ profile] lovelyblackrose. Who, it turns out, lives just a few blocks away. Amazing how the world keep shrinking...


Jan. 12th, 2006 03:10 am
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Caught up on Arisia mail for the moment, must go to bed... don't know when I'll get to pack, as I'll be at the hotel 'til late tomorrow night making sure nothing implodes. And I hate packing in the best of circumstances. Ugh. Hopefully it'll work out somehow...


Jan. 1st, 2006 02:34 pm
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Not the most exciting start to the year... I spent all of last night catching up on Arisia mail (from being away). I'm also fighting a cold. Woke up this morning with an awful headache, which neither going back to bed nor taking medicine has helped much. I have a tremendous amount of work I need to do today (much, but not all, Arisia-related), and haven't been able to focus enough yet to do anything useful. Did manage to catch up on LJ, at least. And am currently holding Scheherazade on my lap, both because she's cute, and to give [ profile] sdavido a break. He likewise has spent the year thus far trying to catch up on work, but she's decided that since we're home we should be paying attention to her. He hasn't yet mastered the art of typing while holding a cat, and really needs to focus without distractions, so I'm running (well, sitting) interference. I can do that, at least... but I really do hope I can accomplish something more than that this afternoon.


Dec. 24th, 2005 07:25 pm
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Been busy, just a quick update...

The Arisia resume (furniture needs, power requirements, et al) has been submitted to the hotel; hopefully I haven't left anything out!

I've baked and taken over to the hosting friend's freezer most of the desserts for my mom's party (2 cakes, 6 pans of squares, 6 kinds of cookies) - just the "centerpiece" cake left. I'm planning to do that the week before the party, hopefully it'll go smoothly.

Between the two projects I've been pretty consumed, I haven't really had time to answer social mail or read LJ posts since Tuesday night. I apologize for being out of touch, I'll try to catch up soon.

We're leaving to visit [ profile] sdavido's parents tomorrow morning. We have a 6:30 a.m. flight (ugh!) so we have to get up pretty early... not sure whether or not it's worth going to bed tonight. If I have time after packing, etc. and still have energy I'll try to do a little LJ catch-up. If not, maybe while we're away, if there's time... we'll see.

Hope you are doing well!
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Hello out there in LJ land! Well, we're back from Arisia. Everything went smoothly (with minor snags - see below), and a good time was had by all. Read more... )
Tomorrow, back to reality! There is a lot of snow out there... the heaps by the sidewalks are shoulder-high, and the streets are narrowed as a consequence, and fairly messy. I hope I don't have any trouble getting to work in the morning!


Jan. 19th, 2005 09:51 am
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Just had to record that I actually got up early today. :-) I was worried about [ profile] sdavido waiting for the T today in the Cold weather (it was 4 or 6 degrees this morning, depending who you listen to), especially b/c he was a little stuffy yesterday. So I went to bed early last night (well, by my standards - around midnight), got up at 6 this morning, and took him to work for his 8:00 class. On the way back I stopped at the supermarket, then came home and made 2 desserts for the Kosher Konspiracy dinner at Arisia. I'm just waiting for the second one to come out of the oven. Then off to work... today's a 10-to-8 day, then tonight I have to start packing for Arisia. So far everything's going according to plan, I just hope I'm still awake later! (If I don't answer mail tonight, it means I ran out of steam...)
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It feels like it's been a long week already! I was in the store 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. today b/c my mother is out with the flu (very unusual for her) and she had scheduled a couple of early clients. Thankfully [ profile] sdavido came in and helped juggle people in the afternoon - it got very busy for a while. Tonight we had dinner with some friends from Minneapolis who were in town for the weekend; I thought we hadn't seen each other in 5 years, turned out to be more like 10. (Where does the time go?) Tomorrow I'll probably be alone in the store again b/c my mom still sounds very weak. Tomorrow night I have an Arisia meeting. I'm generally behind again b/c other things have come up that I had to deal with. And this weekend is the convention... I know the week is going to fly by. I just hope I'm not too tired to enjoy it when I get there!
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The '04 masquerade video (or DVD if you prefer) is ready! Anyone who'd like a copy, call John Floyd (617) 964-6139. (If you reserved a copy at-con, you'll probably be hearing from him soon.)


Aug. 11th, 2004 02:20 am
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Quick review of what I'm up to these days... Read more... )


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