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Was happily surprised to find that I really like the new 101.7! First time I've spent the entire hourlong commute on one station since Mike 93.7 went off the air. Other "Mike orphans" may want to check it out.
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The Globe will now be printing the Herald as well.

New England's Komen foundation not cutting funding for Planned Parenthood.

Washington state senate votes for gay marriage.

Sorry I haven't been following up on things, having a crazy couple of weeks... will catch up someday soon, I hope...
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OK, Mike FM fans (of whom there are apparently more than I realized): Contact the parent company and ask them to move Mike to 97.7 (which is currently a second WAAF frequency, WAAF is also on 107.3). See comments/discussion on Save Mike FM for full details. Let's see if we can get them to listen!
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For [ profile] gnomi and the other knitters out there... yarn bombing has arrived...
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FYI for local bibliophiles: New England Mobile Book Fair will seek a buyer


Jun. 16th, 2010 12:09 pm
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According to today's local news in the Globe, Officials worried state will shudder Brookline District Court.


Apr. 14th, 2010 01:59 pm
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For those who haven't heard, the tax deadline for most eastern Massachusetts residents has been extended to May 11 because of the floods...
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Does anyone know what happened to Images & Frames, on Comm. Ave. (near the big Shaw's)? I just heard that the store is now empty. That's been my go-to framing place for years, so I'm hoping that they've moved somewhere else, rather than gone out of business.

On a different note, does anyone know whether there's something weird going on with the weather line (617-WE6-xxxx)? I haven't been able to get through on that lately, so I've started wondering whether I just have bad timing, or whether it's something more...
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Lovely December weather in Boston... it's 69 degrees here right now, after near-hurricane conditions earlier this morning. (Fortunately I went back to grab a short-sleeve shirt after realizing how fast the temperature was climbing.) Then it's supposed to go back down to the low 40s this weekend, with a chance of snow Saturday night. Planning to get my snow tires on tomorrow, in case (later than usual but this year's been weird) - but it's nice to have an interlude before winter really hits.
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For those of us who've always wanted a tour of the Fluff factory...

The Fluffernutter was up for official state sandwich today! Can't find the vote results yet, though...
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Now that I'm taking the T, I've been reading the Metro. (Which is fairly decent, for what it is.) So, I was wondering: Did anyone else notice that they had 2 different front pages today? (Different headlines, different lead articles... not repeated in the opposite editions.) I brought one of each home for [ profile] sdavido, who was equally intrigued, but I'm curious as to whether anyone might know why they did it...

Edit: The two versions were interleaved and being handed out alternately, A B A B, so I got A, the next person got B, etc. ... I noticed and stopped to watch so I could be sure I wasn't imagining things. The papers being read on the platform and train were about evenly distributed between the two versions.
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Word on the street is that there has been a major accident in Coolidge Corner. Details are sketchy as of yet (anyone know more?), but for those who may be passing through the area, thought you'd want to be aware...
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Does anyone know whether/when/where there's going to be a parade for the Celtics tomorrow? I need to go through Boston in the morning, I don't want to get bogged down in revelers throwing confetti...
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Hit a bit of traffic on my way in this morning, for some reason. Fortunately growing up in Boston means you always know at least 3 ways to get from one point to another, so it was only a minor inconvenience. But it is amazing what wide-ranging effects one messed-up intersection can have. (I was going to write about the accident, but I'm tired so I'm just inserting the links instead. Sorry for the laziness.)
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I often commute home past the Hyatt Regency on Memorial Drive (a.k.a. the ziggurat). I've noticed that they've been changing the color of the neon that edges the steps a lot more often lately. So far I've seen red, yellow, green, and blue. Which leads me to think there's no way they can be using chemical tubes. Anyone have any idea how they're doing that? Just wondering...
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A large chunk of California is on fire.
New Orleans is flooded again.
There's a severe drought in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.
Tornadoes in Michigan.
And so on, and so on.
In Boston, it's been... lovely. Really, really lovely.
I know at some point the seasons will remember they're supposed to change, and we'll get snow, and possibly ice. But considering what else we could be dealing with, I'll stay with the snow, thanks.
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As those of you who are local know, Brookline has been suffering from an excess of road construction lately. Three-lane roads have been narrowed to one, heavy machinery and traffic cones are everywhere... I've been wondering how some of the stores in the affected areas are managing to stay in business when nobody can get to them. (And worrying a bit about ours, should the juggernaut shift our way.)

Tonight, I was driving up Washington from Park (here's a visual aid, for those of you who don't know the area), and came to a point where the street was closed off and traffic was being diverted onto Fairbanks. Great, I thought, now I have to go right and then left in order to go straight. I followed the two cars ahead of me down to Beacon Street, watched as the lead car (a white van) waited for a break in traffic... and was then shocked to see it turn left into the furthest lane of oncoming traffic. Fortunately for it, there was nobody in that lane at the moment, but as you'd expect, the cars in the adjacent lanes started honking rather urgently. (This was about 8:30... after dark, in other words.) I followed the car ahead of me in turning right (with the flow of traffic), and glanced back to see the van progressing slowly down Beacon Street the wrong way... I wonder how far it managed to get before it was able to turn around. I hope nobody was hurt in the process.

As it happened, I was on the phone with [ profile] sdavido during this episode (having called to tell him I was en route), and when I said, "OMG! There's a car driving the wrong way down Beacon Street!" he responded (approximately), "Eeek! I don't want you out there!" I said, "It's OK, I know where I'm going." He said, "It's not you that I'm worried about..."
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Dude! You're 100% from Massachusetts!

How Massachusetts are you?

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Came across an article about the cost of real estate in Brookline. Doesn't look like we'll be buying there anytime soon...

(For those of you who aren't local, we live in Allston, right over the line from Brookline - literally, one building over. We could never have afforded to buy a condo in Brookline. It's sad because I grew up there, work there, and love the town, but the rise in prices since my parents bought their house in the 70s has just been insane.)


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