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For those who don't already know:

[ profile] mabfan and wife [ profile] gnomi welcomed two twin children, their first, to their family today.

The twins are fraternal, and both are girls. The first baby was born at 9:20AM, weighed 5 pounds 8 ounces, and is 17" long. The second baby was born at 9:21AM, weighed 5 pounds 3 ounces, and is 19" long. ...

Per Modern Orthodox Jewish custom, the babies will not be named until the parents attend a Torah service at their synagogue ... currently planned for Saturday 25 July.

Mother and babies are recovering in the hospital.

(excerpted from a link off [ profile] mabfan's journal)
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I'm sure it's a trick, but... anyone have any idea how this works? I've tried several different combinations and it keeps giving the right answer. Hm.
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Just thinking...

The King of Rock 'n Roll died at 42.

The King of Pop died at 50.

Maybe it's not so good to be the king after all...

(The Godfather of Soul, however, died at 73. Hm.)


Jun. 9th, 2009 11:36 pm
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I don't usually take an interest in such things, but I thought some of you might be intrigued and/or amused to learn that Neil Gaiman is dating Amanda Palmer. Huh. Links of various sorts on [ profile] chanaleh's post... (Assuming you don't mind my linking rather than splicing...)
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A friend's brother is taking a "Music of the World" course at UMass/Boston, and has chosen to give his presentation on... the theremin. :-)

Unfortunately I only just found out about it, and his presentation is Monday... so I know this is a reeeeaaaaal long shot... but... does anyone local have a theremin they'd be willing/able to share? He's not expecting success, but it would be so cool if he could have one there!

If by some miracle you're able to help, let me know before Sunday night, and I'll put you in touch. (If I don't have your e-dress, and whomever@livejournal won't work, please drop me a note via LJ with your contact info.) Thanks, everyone...

Cross-posted to various, pardon the repetition if you overlap.
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Got a note from our friend M., who recently had a job interview locally that seems to hold promise:
I'll be in North Andover for at least a week, starting November 11.... I was wondering if you knew someone I could rent a room from, initially on a short-, subsequently perhaps a longer-term basis. Somewhere quiet, mammal-free, and within feasible (ideally reverse) commute to North Andover.

Anyone have and/or know of an available room? M. is a nice guy, and good company. (Also vegetarian, and allergic to furred beings.) Any leads would be appreciated... Thanks!

(Still behind on mail/LJ/you-name-it due to the surfeit of holidays, hope to catch up someday soon...)
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Just a reminder to anyone who's up that we lose an hour tonight. Bleah.
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I've been having trouble getting up - and subsequently been running late - all summer, but since we changed the clocks back, I've noticed that I'm feeling much more alert. Apparently my inner circadian doesn't like Daylight Savings. So that made me wonder whether anyone else has been similarly affected...

[Poll #1083889]
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Just curious, triggered by a recent conversation with someone... how many of you have thought about what you would do if you were ever attacked?
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Recently someone posted to a local list I'm on with a number of items he wanted to give away. One of them was an encyclopedia. I mentioned it to [ profile] sdavido, and we agreed that an encyclopedia is always good to have, so I wrote back to the gentleman in question to claim it. He responded that it was still available, so I asked when and where it would be convenient for me to pick it up. Tonight I got a note back from him saying which street he lives on, with his phone number. Intrigued, I called him, and quickly confirmed that he lives around the corner from us. Literally, around the corner and about 4 buildings away. We agreed to meet shortly on the street corner. So I went outside and walked down to the corner. A moment later I saw someone walking down the opposite side toward me, carrying a large book. But when he got to the corner on his side, the light was against him. So we waved to each other, and waited for the light to change, at which point he crossed the street, smiled, and handed me the book. I don't think we had exchanged any words at that point (though we did chat for a few minutes afterward). The scenario of meeting a stranger on a street corner in the dark, and being silently handed a large object, made me think briefly that I should have identified myself with "the raven crows at dawn," or something similar...
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I haven't answered mail in a couple days because I've been buried in other projects for Arisia, et al... I will try to catch up soon, but please don't feel ignored.
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We received 19 catalogs in the mail today. And it's only October... oy.

(Oh yeah, and I seem to have come down with a cold... [sigh])
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There was a message in my inbox titled, "Check Out What's Happening in SF + Win a 10,000.00 Shopping Spree!" I thought, "Cool!" Then I read it, and found that it was referring to San Francisco, not science fiction. Oh well...


Sep. 14th, 2006 02:04 am
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I recently realized that I hadn't received my favorite book catalog in a while. I've been getting it for probably over 15 years, and always found something to buy (and a lot more to drool over). An attempt to go to their website to make sure I was still on the mailing list resulted in "not found," so I did a little searching... and discovered that they've gone out of business. I'm so upset... I really enjoyed their catalog, and there were always so many books that looked interesting. Fortunately I do still have one of their last catalogs (I always kept one around, in case I needed to look for a book), but it's sad to think that there won't be any more of them... nothing else is quite the same.
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I got this question from [ profile] foolcat a little while ago, and haven't been able to think of an answer, so I thought I'd throw it to the group mind and see if anyone knows...

I'm still searching for a word. The pleasure one derives from pleasing someone else. Pleasure from another's pain is called Schadenfreude; but what of another's pleasure? No one seems to know this one.


Feb. 20th, 2006 12:00 am
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As they say, that ice is really slippery... three of the top six ice-dancing couples fell tonight. I hope none of them are hurt too badly - one skater in particular went down pretty hard. On the postive side, Americans Belbin & Agosto are in second place, so if all goes well they might have a shot at a medal after tomorrow night's final ice-dance segment. I'm pleased about this not so much because they're American as because they look like they're really having fun - it's nice to see a pair who seems to be actually enjoying themselves, and not just going through the motions. Hopefully there won't be any more mishaps!
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I went to the NBC Olympics web site earlier this evening, to see if they might have any information about what time the skating would be broadcast, and when I clicked on the Skating link the first thing I saw was a big article about Yevgeny Plushenko winning the gold medal. This was around 9 p.m.... the first group of skaters hadn't even been broadcast yet, never mind the second. I know there's a time-delay involved, but it was still kind of unsettling to watch the performances already knowing what the rankings were going to be. So, if you don't want to know the results before watching the event, stay away from that web site...

Trash talk

Feb. 15th, 2006 01:34 am
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Has anyone else noticed that the ice-skating commentators at the Olympics are being particularly nasty and snarky this year? (Scott Hamilton is being a gentleman, as usual - I'm referring to the other two, who do most of the talking.) It's one thing to say, e.g., "oh, he did a double instead of a triple, that's going to cost him points." It's quite another to say someone's costume reminds you of your dining-room drapes (yes, they really said that), or to say a competitor's choreography is "trite," or to make sweeping less-than-complimentary comments about the competitors from a particular nation. These are the best skaters in the world, trying their hardest to perform extremely difficult moves under intense pressure; the least they deserve is a little respect. There were points both last night and tonight when I was so disgusted by their insults that I was seriously tempted to hit the mute button, but it's hard to fully appreciate the beauty of a skating routine when you can't hear the music. Is this making anyone else's Olympic-watching experience unpleasant, or is it just me?
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Made a macaroni casserole recipe tonight that I've been wanting to try... Monday is a good night for me to try things, b/c I get home around 7 and [ profile] sdavido teaches 'til 9:30, so I have some time to experiment before picking him up. It came out well. Now that the January craziness is past, I'm enjoying the chance to be domestic again.

After dinner I turned on the TV to watch the final group of Olympic pairs skaters. It turned out to be fairly dramatic, as the woman partner of the last pair fell during their performance, but decided to continue. They wound up with the silver medal. (The gold went to a pair who had a serious accident in a previous performance. As I said, dramatic.) I was glad that the silver couple was able to recover and finish their program, but I hope she hasn't done herself serious injury by continuing.

And... we have a new victim member! Let's have a warm LJ welcome for [ profile] aunt_becca! Yaaaaaay!

Quiet day

Feb. 13th, 2006 12:37 am
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Today was the first Sunday in a very long time that I've been home. I was able to catch up on a lot of little things - sweeping, vacuuming, folding laundry, scrubbing the kitchen sink and stovetop, etc. It was really nice to have a large enough block of time that I could make some real progress. (Most evenings lately, by the time I leave the store, pick up [ profile] sdavido from work, come home, make/eat/clean up from dinner, go through mail, etc. it's already after 10, and I don't feel like starting many projects at that point.) I felt like doing something a little different for dinner, so I made omelettes, which I haven't done in a while. Then we went and dug out the car. The center of the driveway had been shovelled, but not our space - the snow was about up to mid-thigh on me. Fortunately it was light, fluffy snow, so it didn't take too long. Tomorrow we go back to normal, but it was nice while it lasted...


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