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The Onion summarizes the election results...

(Got up early yesterday to take [ profile] sdavido downtown so he wouldn't strain his arm with all the papers he had to hand back, got up early today to vote together and give him a ride in, drove out to Franklin tonight... gee, I wonder why I'm tired...)
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We received 19 catalogs in the mail today. And it's only October... oy.

(Oh yeah, and I seem to have come down with a cold... [sigh])


Jun. 15th, 2006 11:23 pm
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I seem to be getting over (thankfully!) a 48-hour bug. I developed a sore throat Tuesday night, and woke up yesterday with a horrible cold. I managed to get through the day at work (with regular doses of medicine), but when I got home from work last night around 8:30 I basically fell into bed and stayed there. Barely pried myself out to change a couple hours later. Got absolutely nothing done, which was bad.

This morning I was still stuffy but not as fuzzy, and at this point, thankfully, I'm feeling almost like myself again. Still way behind on what I have to do, though... need to make something for the Concertino dinner, and do laundry, and pack, etc., etc. And sitting down to just check mail quickly has taken much longer than I meant it to, of course. Hopefully I can still get everything done somehow.

And this morning [ profile] sdavido woke up with the level of cold I had yesterday, which has thrown him further off-schedule with what he needs to do... why do these things always strike at the worst times? (Although I suppose there is no good time, really.)

Oh well, at least it doesn't seem like something that'll linger...
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When you cross "Brokeback Mountain" with "Back to the Future," the result is oddly believable.

In other news, I seem to be coming down with a cold. Bleah. I hope it doesn't last long...
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[ profile] sdavido finally seems to be gaining the upper hand in his fight with the evil laryngitis. Yay! He's not 100% better yet, but it's so nice to hear his voice again (albeit a little scratchy), and to see him getting some of his bounce back. Now I just need to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't push too hard too soon and relapse. Interestingly, the nurse said when I called last week that this usually lasts 2 - 3 weeks, and he's had it about 2 1/2... maybe he's being average for once. :-)


Jan. 1st, 2006 02:34 pm
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Not the most exciting start to the year... I spent all of last night catching up on Arisia mail (from being away). I'm also fighting a cold. Woke up this morning with an awful headache, which neither going back to bed nor taking medicine has helped much. I have a tremendous amount of work I need to do today (much, but not all, Arisia-related), and haven't been able to focus enough yet to do anything useful. Did manage to catch up on LJ, at least. And am currently holding Scheherazade on my lap, both because she's cute, and to give [ profile] sdavido a break. He likewise has spent the year thus far trying to catch up on work, but she's decided that since we're home we should be paying attention to her. He hasn't yet mastered the art of typing while holding a cat, and really needs to focus without distractions, so I'm running (well, sitting) interference. I can do that, at least... but I really do hope I can accomplish something more than that this afternoon.
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For those of you who are eagerly awaiting an update... moving all the stuff into storage, thankfully, went really well. Almost scarily so. (e.g., I was fretting about the unit not being big enough, and a bigger one became available a few days ago; I was worried about not having enough people, and unexpectedly gained an extra person this morning; the truck place didn't have the size truck I reserved, but gave me a larger one at the same price...) It did take a little longer than I'd hoped but we had no major disasters. (The biggest snag was part of the crew getting caught in traffic en route to the final destination.) I'm tremendously grateful to several members of the Amazing Arisia Logistics Team for helping everything go so smoothly. It's a tremendous weight off our shoulders to have that done. And now that all that stuff is in one place I think we'll feel less pressured to find a house right away, and can wait for the right moment.

Of course the whirlwind of packing stuff up to go into storage left some ripples here, so our place is suddenly un-neat again... but at least we have more places to put things now, so that should be corrected soon.

On a related front, my cough has been better today, at least while on medication... as soon as the dosage runs out it starts up again. So it's controlled but not really gone. I have an appointment to see someone tomorrow to make sure it's nothing serious. Hopefully it'll be a waste of time!

Foot Notes

Jun. 2nd, 2005 12:03 am
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After many weeks of painful discomfort, [ profile] sdavido finally made an appointment with my cousin's husband the podiatrist. (Relatives are fun!) And it's a very good thing he did, because the diagnosis is that he has, on each foot:
- posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
- plantar fasciitis
- achilles tendonitis
- arthritis in big toe
- a bunion and 2 bone spurs
- and an extra bone...

The latter is particularly interesting. Apparently, it's a condition shared by approximately 10% of the population, and can lead to all sorts of issues because the tendon is shorter than normal.

So he's having orthotics made, which, once received, are to be worn whenever [ profile] sdavido is on his feet, no matter how briefly. Inconvenient, but hopefully this will keep him from needing surgery (which apparently could have been the result if he hadn't sought treatment).

Unfortunately the orthotics take a few weeks to make, so he's going to be compromised for a bit longer. But at least now we know why he's been having so much trouble! I'm so glad he went...
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My mother's home! Yay! She'll probably be weak for a while, but indications are positive. Just have to try and keep her from pushing too hard too fast.

Keeping this short b/c it's been a really intense week (and tonight was really busy at the store) and I'm toasted, but wanted to keep y'all posted...
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[ profile] sdavido and I went to visit my mother at the hospital tonight. Read more... )

When is Spring, again?
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Feeling a little better today... Read more... )

Stay healthy, everyone!
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Well, I suppose it was inevitable. I'd really hoped I wouldn't get sick, but between spending the days working with my mother who's just getting over bronchitis, and spending the nights cuddled with [ profile] sdavido who's just getting over bronchitis... oh well. So, I'm at the sniffly/sneezy stage, with a little coughing and achiness. I'm hoping if I'm careful it won't get too much worse. At least it waited 'til they were both starting to feel better... (sigh)
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[ profile] sdavido is doing much better than he was yesterday - the fever is gone, yay! - but he still has the nasty chest cough. I called our doctor tonight b/c SD- felt like he might have fluid in his lungs, and the doctor said I should take him in for a chest x-ray to make sure it isn't pneumonia. So we spent the evening waiting in various parts of the MGH E.R. as we moved through the processing stages. When the results came back, it turned out that his lungs look clear (whew), so they think it's probably bronchitis. Supposedly it'll go away on its own in time... but he's hoping to go back to work on Monday. Taking time off is really complicated when working part-time at three different schools. So we'll just have to hope that his remaining progress will be fast... I don't want him to make himself worse.

Thanks for all your good wishes!
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[ profile] sdavido surprised me tonight with something he sneakily ordered before I even knew it was out. The first season of MacGyver. Wheeee! I was a bit annoyed that they list his first name on the case, since that was always a Deep Dark Secret (I only remember it being mentioned in two episodes), but nevertheless I'm looking forward to watching it again. Hmmm, maybe if we can tame the Clutter Demon, I'll have a MacGyver party sometime...

[ profile] sdavido's cold has gotten much worse. He's been running a fever since yesterday (102.7 as of a few hours ago), and has a really deep nasty cough which gets worse if he tries to talk. He didn't go to work today, and he's not going tomorrow. But I called our doctor tonight, and he prescribed some antibiotics over the phone, so hopefully we'll see some improvement soon. (His reaction to my asking if we should come to the office: "Don't take him out in this cold weather! He'll get worse!" I like having a practical doctor.) Both my parents have colds of varying severity, too. Thank G-d I have a good immune system, so as long as I don't let myself get depleted, I should be OK.

So, can cats catch a human virus? I always thought those couldn't cross the species boundary, but [ profile] sdavido has been trying not to breathe on her, just in case. Anyone know for sure?
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Just a quick update so you know I haven't forgotten about you... I'm still fighting a cold, and managed to wrench my back during a coughing fit this morning (sigh), so it may take me another day or two to catch up on e-mail and such. But I wanted to post a quick update, at least. Read more... )
In a completely unrelated bit of trivia, I notice that while we were away LiveJournal passed 5 million users. So your math question for today is: If we graph time elapsed vs. members, how long will it be before LJ takes over the world? A prize may be awarded if you can prove your answer. (Trying not to obsess about the election tomorrow! Gulp.)


Sep. 1st, 2004 02:34 am
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I probably won't be reading LJ much the next few days... Noreascon starts on Thursday, and Wednesday evening we're planning to go out to the hotel for a few hours for some concom stuff. If I have time and computer access, I'll post from the con, but I may not really be able to catch up on mail and posts 'til after Monday.

I had planned to pack tonight, so I wouldn't be panicking tomorrow night, but that didn't work out because I really wasn't feeling well. Read more... )

Somehow I'm up late anyway, b/c I was trying to look some stuff up for [ profile] sdavido, and one thing led to another... but in the meantime I haven't packed. And I really don't know when I'm going to. (As many of you know, I hate packing, so it tends to take me a while.) Hopefully it'll all work out somehow, but I have a feeling we're going to miss opening ceremonies... oh well.

In case I don't type to you before then, have a great weekend! We'll catch up on what everyone did eventually...
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For those of you following the fascinating saga of my ear, I spoke to a nurse today, and she said to keep taking the Advil and a decongestant and just watch it for a couple more days. If it gets worse I should call again, if it gets better, don't worry. She said she'd be much more concerned if I had a fever. So hopefully this will just go away on its own. (I think it is a little better, it's just not gone yet.)

If I had anything else to say, I'm too tired to remember it right now... g'night!
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We have our car back. Yay! It did turn out to be the alternator; the mechanic also replaced the battery, as he said it looked like it was about to go. (Reasonable, it was probably 8 years old.) But they were able to get it fixed and back to us today, which I'm tremendously grateful for. If anyone local needs a good mechanic, let me know...

On the other hand, my ear is still bothering me. Fooey. I had really hoped it would have stopped by now. It's OK as long as I take Advil, but starts twinging again when it wears off. I guess I have to call the doctor. (sigh)

Tonight we did what started out as a simple errand, but it expanded to fill available time, as these things do. Read more... )
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Nothing major to report, but... I've been getting pain in my left ear for the past couple days. Depending on how long it's been since I took Advil, it ranges from almost-not-there to momentarily immobilizing. I'm also a little stuffy so I'm hoping it's just a cold and will go away soon. If it doesn't I might call the doctor.

And, as you may have seen in [ profile] sdavido's post, our car's electrical system died this afternoon. So we had to get it towed. Fortunately we have a good mechanic so we knew where to have it taken. But since it's Sunday nobody was actually there... we had it left in the best spot available, and I'll go by in the morning and arrange treatment. The AAA guy thinks it's the alternator. Could be worse. Of course, I'd prefer nothing be wrong at all - I like my car, I don't like to see it hurt - but at least it should be fixable.

That's about it for the moment, hopefully next time I'll have more pleasant news...


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