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Decided to post these separately, so those who just wanted to read the previous post wouldn't have to wait for pictures to load.

Here are a few pictures from First Night at Noreascon: Read more... )
And here are a few from the wedding we went to recently: Read more... )
I cropped several of these so they'd load faster, hopefully the proportions are all right.
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We're back! I don't think it makes sense to try and record every single thing we did for the past few days - your eyes would glaze over, and I'm too tired anyway - but I'll try to hit a few highlights. Read more... )
Still have to finish unpacking, answer mail, catch up on posts, etc.... but wanted to give you a quick review. Hope you had a good weekend!
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Well, First Night is over... I'm feeling very fuzzy but I'll try to summarize. The organizers did a great job putting it together. They turned a hallway into a mini-carnival, with balloons and streamers and tables/booths of games, magicians, belly-dancers, popcorn... and people wandering around in costumes. Very much a festive atmosphere. I got to play with a theremin. :-) I also went to a mock trial of Terry Pratchett which was very cute, and an improv event that [ profile] sdavido was in. There were some other activities here and there but I'm very tired (and the ConCourse closes soon) so I'm trying to keep this short. Time for bed... will say more later, if there's more to say.
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Well, we made it to Noreascon! Got here a little later than [ profile] sdavido would have liked - close to 3 p.m. - because it took a while to get everything together, but it's just as well because we couldn't have gotten into our room any earlier. I "checked in" with my division head, and now while SD- checks to make sure academic programming is running smoothly, I'm walking around to get oriented and learn where everything is. (Since I'm wearing a ribbon, someone's probably going to ask me how to find something...) At the moment I'm in the "ConCourse," which is a large hall in the conference center which links all the major areas (dealers, art show, etc.), and which is occupied by fan tables, historical exhibits... and Internet access. :-) There aren't many computers so I don't want to tie this one up for too long, but I'll try to post updates when I can. Tonight is "First Night," which is intended to be kind of like an indoor carnival... should be fun. Can't promise I'll be able to answer comments, and probably won't have time to read posts, but I'll try to let you know what we're up to!


Sep. 1st, 2004 02:34 am
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I probably won't be reading LJ much the next few days... Noreascon starts on Thursday, and Wednesday evening we're planning to go out to the hotel for a few hours for some concom stuff. If I have time and computer access, I'll post from the con, but I may not really be able to catch up on mail and posts 'til after Monday.

I had planned to pack tonight, so I wouldn't be panicking tomorrow night, but that didn't work out because I really wasn't feeling well. Read more... )

Somehow I'm up late anyway, b/c I was trying to look some stuff up for [ profile] sdavido, and one thing led to another... but in the meantime I haven't packed. And I really don't know when I'm going to. (As many of you know, I hate packing, so it tends to take me a while.) Hopefully it'll all work out somehow, but I have a feeling we're going to miss opening ceremonies... oh well.

In case I don't type to you before then, have a great weekend! We'll catch up on what everyone did eventually...


Aug. 11th, 2004 02:20 am
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Quick review of what I'm up to these days... Read more... )
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OK, so I didn't catch up Thursday night... Read more... )

I don't regret any of what I'm doing, but I'm really looking forward to being able to unpack at the end of the month!


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