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Random question of the day: If you could request the invention of a new kosher food product, what would it be?
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[ profile] sdavido and I are having a difference of opinion, and I'm curious as to how other people feel about it...

Imagine, if you will, a series of related books. Let's use Garfield books as an example. I say they should be shelved with the first volume on the right (3, 2, 1), because the titles are oriented that way; if you tilt your head to read the titles, you will be reading from right-to-left on the shelf, with right being the "top" of the title. SD- says they should be shelved with the first volume on the left (1, 2, 3), because English reads left-to-right. But then when you read across the titles you're going in the wrong direction, which feels odd to me.

(Stacking them vertically, which is the easiest way around the problem, won't work in many cases because of the space available.)

What say you, fellow bibliophiles?

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Edit: Assume I'm talking about English books here...
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I've been having trouble getting up - and subsequently been running late - all summer, but since we changed the clocks back, I've noticed that I'm feeling much more alert. Apparently my inner circadian doesn't like Daylight Savings. So that made me wonder whether anyone else has been similarly affected...

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Just curious, triggered by a recent conversation with someone... how many of you have thought about what you would do if you were ever attacked?
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When I have something long to say, I tend to put a cut-tag after a very brief intro, so as not to clutter everyone's friends page. But I'm beginning to wonder whether I'm cutting them too short, and people aren't seeing those posts when they scan down the page. So, I was wondering...

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I've been seeing a lot of articles in trade magazines lately about how Halloween is becoming more and more popular, and is "not just for kids anymore." Judging by how many people I saw walking around in costumes tonight, that seems to be true. Which makes me curious... I know this will probably be an atypical result, but, humor me:

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I got this question from [ profile] foolcat a little while ago, and haven't been able to think of an answer, so I thought I'd throw it to the group mind and see if anyone knows...

I'm still searching for a word. The pleasure one derives from pleasing someone else. Pleasure from another's pain is called Schadenfreude; but what of another's pleasure? No one seems to know this one.
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Next month, my mom and I will be going to a business conference. Amongst the information they're requesting is this bit for the icebreaker: If a movie were made of your life, who would you want to play your role? Well, as many of you know, I'm not what you'd call celebrity-fluent... but I know that some of you are. :-)

So... if you were choosing an actress to play me, who would it be? (A link to a picture would be helpful but isn't required.) I'd prefer someone obscure if possible but that isn't a must. No pressure, but since I haven't the slightest idea who to choose, I thought I'd see if I could get some feedback...

(Bonus points if you can suggest someone for my mom, too!)


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