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Given the way the temperature's dropping, this might be one of the last ones this season, so... Read more... )
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Time once again for fur, flowers, and further foto fun... Read more... )
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It's been a nice weekend so far. Friday night and Shabbos we ate at my mother's (with a few other people), and she made a few of my favorite things. :-) Particularly cool was the fact that a rose has bloomed on the rescued rosebush; it opened on Shabbos. I thought that was a wonderful birthday present. ([ profile] sdavido has been continually surprising me with presents; there's still one left to open.) Saturday night we got together with our friend MR, who we haven't seen in months, and introduced him to The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, which he very much enjoyed. Today our friends MP&BE, who we also haven't seen in months, came for lunch, and we spent an enjoyable afternoon chatting and catching up (and going for ice cream). And, as a bonus, since we were having company, the condo is clean! (Well, mostly - stuff did get shoved into certain areas toward the end.) Hopefully it'll stay that way. Tomorrow might be an at-home day because SD- has some syllabi to finish for this week's classes. But since we decided not to open the store, maybe I'll just find a spot outside to sit with a book, and enjoy the nice weather...
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As some of you know, I used to grow roses. Read more... )


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