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Thanks to [ profile] thnidu for the link!
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This is magnificent, and very much worth watching.

Thanks to [ profile] thnidu for the link!
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Ok, I know what I'm doing that weekend...
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Brilliant... I had the same idea when that song came out, but they did a much better job with it than I would have!
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I think most everyone has seen this by now, but in case some of you haven't...


Sep. 27th, 2009 01:07 am
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...but kind of neat.

According to the text sent to me with the link, It's hard to believe that this takes place in a Texas church. This is Pastor John Hagee's congregational choir. Hagee is the founder and National Chairman of the Christian-Zionist organization Christians United for Israel.
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Contestant on Ukraine's Got Talent demonstrates the art of sand painting - hard to describe, but not to be missed.

Thanks to [ profile] debgeisler for the link!
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For those of us who've always wanted a tour of the Fluff factory...

The Fluffernutter was up for official state sandwich today! Can't find the vote results yet, though...
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Brilliant comedy routine... I had to call [ profile] sdavido in to watch it with me. :-)
(In case it's not immediately obvious, "Left brain" is her husband.)

Thanks to [ profile] debgeisler for the link!
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This is brilliant, for those who haven't seen it yet...

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Apparently Polish college students really like Knight Rider...

Thanks to [ profile] debgeisler for the link!
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I can't begin to guess how some of this was done. And honestly it doesn't matter... it's just amazing to watch.

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The semifinal round... she starts out a little nervous, but then proves the first performance wasn't a fluke. (She chose a tough song this time, too.)

Apparently she is going to the final round - thanks to [ profile] debgeisler for the link!
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A quite possibly unique performance on "Britain's Got Talent"...

Thanks to [ profile] debgeisler for the pointer!
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We were fortunate to be invited to a preview of the new Star Trek movie tonight. To be honest I didn't go with very high expectations; if we hadn't been offered the free passes, I might not have been motivated to see it. I was pleasantly surprised. The plot was coherent, the surprise twists worked, the characters were believable. It did not at all feel like two hours had gone by at the end. So I'm very happy that we went. On the whole, a fun evening at the movies.

(Caveat: I am more of a book person than a TV person, and have watched very little Original Trek. But based on what I've picked up via osmosis over the years, and the feedback of those around me, the stitches seemed to hold.)

And thanks to [ profile] lensman for this great Onion clip!
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If you haven't seen this yet, it's pretty freaky...
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For all you cat lovers out there...

(From [ profile] sdavido, verified on Snopes... there's a longer but fuzzier version here)
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Behold, the most gorgeous bookstore I have ever seen...

Here's an overview shot. Wow.
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You think you've heard all the far-out conspiracy theories? Not until you've watched this one...

Thanks to [ profile] debgeisler for the link!
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I don't usually post cute-kid things, but this is really impressive. Five little girls (ages 8 - 13) singing the National Anthem . . . and doing an amazingly good job of it.


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