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A little earlier tonight, I noticed Scheherazade come to full attention and start tracking something. This usually means she's found a bug; the normal procedure is for her to follow it intently until one of us comes over and kills it. She usually seems to feel that they're much more interesting alive. I went over to see what she'd found, and saw scurrying in front of her a rather large and hairy millipede. Eeyuck. Apparently she didn't like it much either, because instead of just tracking it, she reached out a paw and thwacked it. By the time [ profile] sdavido grabbed a tissue and came over a few seconds later, all that was left to do was pick up the mushed millipede. Which was fine because those things are gross. Of course the Mighty Huntress got lots of praise and scritches. She seemed very pleased with herself.


Jul. 8th, 2006 11:19 pm
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On Thursday morning, my mother and I noticed a couple of large flies in the store. Read more... )
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While taking stuff out of our dry-goods cabinet earlier, I thought I saw something moving. I looked closer and called [ profile] sdavido... we started taking stuff off the shelves and discovered teensy little black bugs crawling around. So we spent a good chunk of this evening (morning?) emptying the cabinet and looking for bugs. Don't know whether we got them all (they kept vanishing between the shelves), or whether we can put the stuff back, but it's going to have to do for now. In the meantime, didn't get done what we needed to do tonight, of course... argh...

The Hunt

Nov. 10th, 2005 01:16 am
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As some of you may remember, we've had indications that we have a mouse in residence. Cut for possible icky bit )
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Scheherazade has a habit of "pointing" when something catches her interest; she'll stare fixedly at a given spot. When we see her doing that, it usually means that she's tracking a bug, and we'll go over and kill it. (She won't actually kill the bug, but she's capable of following an ant around in fascination for quite a while.) For periods over the past couple days, she's been staring fixedly at a shelving unit in our kitchen. I've taken everything off the relevant shelf (lower right), and tried looking behind it, but haven't seen anything. Well, tonight, she went into full Sphynx mode in front of it, and looked prepared to stay there for a while. This was highly unusual, so I took everything off the shelf again... and discovered that something's been eating our crackers. Huh! Apparently we might have a little furry visitor hiding back there somewhere. I'm going to call the exterminator in the morning, of course, but amusingly, as soon as she saw us focusing on that spot, she wandered away and sat in the hallway looking smug. I thanked her for being a good predator. We'd rather not have a mouse, of course... but I'm very glad that we do have an alert cat on patrol, as otherwise we might not have noticed anything.
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I think I'm caught in the middle of an LJ restructuring, things keep moving around...

But that's not the odd coincidence. The odd coincidence is that I called the police twice today. (Not 911, don't worry.) Read more... )
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I noticed a spider hanging from the ceiling fixture in here a few minutes ago. Our "official" policy is that spiders on the ceiling can stay there unmolested, but if they come down off the ceiling, they forfeit that privilege. So I tried to reach up and grab it down with something, gingerly... I'm not really good at that, it's usually [ profile] sdavido's job, but he's still at the conference. (Coming home tomorrow - yay!) Unfortunately I must have misjudged, and instead of grabbing it, I wound up just knocking it down. So now there's a spider in here somewhere, and I can't find it. I keep looking around but I haven't been able to spot it anywhere. I'm just hoping it doesn't suddenly appear crawling across my monitor or something. Ick.


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