Jul. 13th, 2011 06:16 pm
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If you see a black Mustang with NY plates DED1769, call 911. The driver kidnapped a 4-month-old baby. Boost the signal...
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When I got my summer tires put on, the mechanic told me that winter tires cause higher gas consumption. But he couldn't tell me why, aside from thinking it was somehow related to the wider treads. Now I'm curious. Anyone know?
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On the way into work this morning, traffic was moving verrrry slowly, but I wasn't sure why. Until I moved up far enough to see the flashing police lights; rear-end collision involving two SUVs. Oh, OK. Crept past it into more swiftly-moving traffic... it wasn't until a couple blocks later that the car-geek part of my brain kicked in, and I realized that a Cadillac had hit a Mercedes. (Escalade and ML350, for those who care.) High-end utility vehicles still strike me as a little strange...
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The work on our kitchen walls has finally been completed. Yay! It looks sooo much better, it's amazing... you almost can't tell anything ever happened. It's nice to have walls that don't look like there are slime creatures living in them.

Now I just have to put the kitchen back together... sort through the bags and figure out what goes where. But hopefully we won't have to deal with any more repair work for a while.

And, on a side note, our bathroom towel rack came off this morning (again)... so I thought, "well, asking worked last time," and left the carpenter a note asking if he could look at the towel bar if he had a chance. I came home to find the rack repaired. Yay! Not having towels fall on the floor will be a nice plus, too.

In other news, yesterday morning I thought my left rear tire felt a little low. (I'm very sensitive about my car.) So I took it in to the tire center, and it turned out I was right... and they wound up having to replace the tire (fortunately I got the warranty), because they said it couldn't be repaired. Which is unusual for them (I highly recommend Sullivan, if you need tires). But the diagnosis turned out to be: Two nails in the sidewall. Owch! I'm really glad I took it in before it got worse, though I have no idea how that could have happened... but it feels so much more solid now. I like when my car is happy.

And the timestamp seems to be running 4 hours fast for some reason... weird. Maybe it'll correct itself later.
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I'm a Chevrolet Corvette!

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Oct. 11th, 2005 01:51 am
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Various things that have been floating around in my mind... Read more... )

While I have your attention (?), if I have angered or offended you in the past year, I apologize, and hope you will forgive me. If you tell me what I did, I'll try not to do it again.

I think that's all for the moment. You may now return to your normally scheduled lives...
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I've been having a problem with my car for the past couple days. Monday night when I left work, the car wouldn't start. No lights, no power, nothing. And of course it was raining. So I called AAA. Fortunately the truck came quickly, and he was able to jump-start it so I could drive home.

Yesterday I took the car in to our mechanic, who is very competent and trustworthy. They checked the battery, alternator, etc. and said they couldn't find anything wrong, and it was starting fine. So I took the car back, did some errands, etc. It was OK for a few hours, but later that night it died again. This time it was after midnight. Time for another call to AAA... again, fortunately the truck came quickly, and the jump-start worked.

This morning I took the car back to our rather puzzled mechanic. They went over the car in finer detail, and this time, found the problem: A loose battery cable. Yay! I'm glad it was something minor, and it's wonderful to have it fixed; wondering whether the car would die again at any moment was not a nice feeling. Hopefully it won't have any more problems for a while.
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This afternoon, my mother and I decided to go down to Newbury Street so we could walk around and enjoy the lovely weather. ([ profile] sdavido wanted to work on syllabi et al for the classes starting this week.) Beautiful day, and it was nice to be outside... ordinarily we're in the store all day, so being outside in daylight, with no specific destination, was a treat. We wandered by lots of restaurants, galleries, and clothing stores with no real interest, going into the occasional odd store that caught our attention. Naturally I picked up a few treats for SD-. :-) A particular highlight was seeing two Lamborghinis (a Murciealgo and a Gallardo, I think) and an Aston Martin (maybe a Vantage?) valet-parked in front of Emporio Armani. We had noticed a wider mix of stores than there used to be, but apparently that's still where the high rollers hang out... or at least park their cars.
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Lifted from a friend... this will be most interesting to fellow car fiends, but I think anyone on this list would enjoy it. Read more... )

Car care

Feb. 17th, 2005 12:52 am
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For a while now, our "check engine" light has been going on at irregular intervals. When it started it was diagnosed as a faulty oxygen sensor, and not worth worrying about unless it became constant. But as of a couple days ago it had been on for almost a week, and I noticed that the resting temperature was much higher than usual... yet the heat wasn't working. So I brought it in this morning to be examined. Diagnosis was that it needed a water pump, which they replaced. Quite reasonable; I don't think I'd ever replaced it, these things do go after a while. But we didn't really need the added expense right now. (Nothing on a car is cheap.) On the other hand, not fixing it would have been a lot worse. And I have my car back, and it's healthy. So on the whole it's probably not a bad thing... I just hope it doesn't need any more major repairs for a while.
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We have our car back. Yay! It did turn out to be the alternator; the mechanic also replaced the battery, as he said it looked like it was about to go. (Reasonable, it was probably 8 years old.) But they were able to get it fixed and back to us today, which I'm tremendously grateful for. If anyone local needs a good mechanic, let me know...

On the other hand, my ear is still bothering me. Fooey. I had really hoped it would have stopped by now. It's OK as long as I take Advil, but starts twinging again when it wears off. I guess I have to call the doctor. (sigh)

Tonight we did what started out as a simple errand, but it expanded to fill available time, as these things do. Read more... )
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Nothing major to report, but... I've been getting pain in my left ear for the past couple days. Depending on how long it's been since I took Advil, it ranges from almost-not-there to momentarily immobilizing. I'm also a little stuffy so I'm hoping it's just a cold and will go away soon. If it doesn't I might call the doctor.

And, as you may have seen in [ profile] sdavido's post, our car's electrical system died this afternoon. So we had to get it towed. Fortunately we have a good mechanic so we knew where to have it taken. But since it's Sunday nobody was actually there... we had it left in the best spot available, and I'll go by in the morning and arrange treatment. The AAA guy thinks it's the alternator. Could be worse. Of course, I'd prefer nothing be wrong at all - I like my car, I don't like to see it hurt - but at least it should be fixable.

That's about it for the moment, hopefully next time I'll have more pleasant news...


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