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We semi-spontaneously went to see The Princess and the Frog tonight. We'd agreed to go at some point this weekend, but [ profile] sdavido really liked the idea of going on Xmas, and since tomorrow's a short Friday that could have gotten complicated... so we went tonight instead.

Would definitely recommend it, if you like animation (which I think most of you do). Good story, nicely executed. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but I'm really glad that we went. It was nice to have a chance to go to a movie together, too... it's been a while. On the whole, a nice evening.

Up, up...

Jun. 1st, 2009 01:13 am
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We went and saw Up tonight. It was incredible. Would definitely recommend seeing it... but be warned, it's much more emotionally complex than one would expect. We spent a fair portion of the movie crying. (And I don't usually cry at movies.) Really, amazingly well done.


May. 24th, 2009 12:45 pm
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Who wants to see Up? It looks really cute... I'm tentatively thinking of Sunday night 5/31 (while [ profile] joecoustic is here, yay!), at 7:35 in Revere. Let me know if you'd like to join us... :-)
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We were fortunate to be invited to a preview of the new Star Trek movie tonight. To be honest I didn't go with very high expectations; if we hadn't been offered the free passes, I might not have been motivated to see it. I was pleasantly surprised. The plot was coherent, the surprise twists worked, the characters were believable. It did not at all feel like two hours had gone by at the end. So I'm very happy that we went. On the whole, a fun evening at the movies.

(Caveat: I am more of a book person than a TV person, and have watched very little Original Trek. But based on what I've picked up via osmosis over the years, and the feedback of those around me, the stitches seemed to hold.)

And thanks to [ profile] lensman for this great Onion clip!
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Adding another echo to the chorus of "go see Iron Man" posts. :-) And, as a few people have mentioned, do stay through the credits... (Each of us had a guess and we were both wrong!)
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Went and saw Ghost Rider tonight. I thought it was a pretty good comic-book movie - reasonable plot, good effects, and not as creepy as I expected. [ profile] sdavido said there were a few deviations from the "real" story but he thought it was reasonably close. In all it was a fun way to spend an evening, particularly since we got to spend some time catching up with a non-LJ friend afterwards. We haven't gotten to do much socializing lately.
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Tonight [ profile] sdavido and I went to see Lonely Man of Faith at the MFA, with my mom and a friend of hers. (We were given complimentary tickets for helping out with a related project, and had been thinking of going anyway, so it worked out nicely.) Turnout was impressive; the showing was sold out, with a line of people on standby. I thought the movie itself was very well done. Considering that it was mostly a mix of stills and interviews, it didn't feel like it was dragging. And I did learn some things that I hadn't known about the Rav. For those who are interested, there was an article about it in today's Globe, too.
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Went to see One Night with the King tonight, with my mother and her friend L. ([ profile] sdavido was out of town at a conference.) For those of you who haven't heard about it, it's not about Elvis (sorry!); it's a dramatization of the Book of Esther. They added a few embellishments (I guess they felt it needed more dramatic tension), but the basic story is all there. On the whole I thought it was quite well done, though somehow I had never pictured Achashveros as a hunk...
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Next month, my mom and I will be going to a business conference. Amongst the information they're requesting is this bit for the icebreaker: If a movie were made of your life, who would you want to play your role? Well, as many of you know, I'm not what you'd call celebrity-fluent... but I know that some of you are. :-)

So... if you were choosing an actress to play me, who would it be? (A link to a picture would be helpful but isn't required.) I'd prefer someone obscure if possible but that isn't a must. No pressure, but since I haven't the slightest idea who to choose, I thought I'd see if I could get some feedback...

(Bonus points if you can suggest someone for my mom, too!)


Aug. 13th, 2006 01:56 am
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We went to see Zoom tonight with [ profile] aunt_becca and R. It was entertaining, in a kids-movie kind of way, but the movie has absolutely nothing to do with the book it's based on (I think Sky High was closer to PS238, from which they supposedly took the idea)... but if you're looking for something light and cute, you could do worse.
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Tonight we went to see Wordplay with [ profile] 530nm330hz and [ profile] introverte. Very enjoyable, the movie's creators did a good job making everything flow smoothly. But now I feel like doing crossword puzzles...
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Yesterday I got caught in the rainstorm while running errands (around 2 pm). It came on very suddenly... when I left my car in the parking lot it was sunny out, but when I was ready to leave the Butcherie shortly thereafter it was pouring. Torrential rain. I put a plastic grocery bag over my head for lack of other protection but the rest of me got throughly drenched walking the block-and-a-half to the car. The rain was so intense you almost couldn't see across the street, and the water in the middle of the street when I crossed (not just where it dips down to the sidewalk) was almost ankle-deep. Unreal... I've never seen rain like that. I wound up giving a ride home to a stranger who was leaving the store at the same time, just because I couldn't see anyone walking home in that. Then I finished my errands (of course, it cleared a few minutes later), but when I got home an hour and a half later my clothes were still soggy. Ugh!

Today we were invited out for lunch to a birthday party. So naturally I made a dessert. (New recipe - a fudge-nut pie.) Came out well... nice and intense... but by the time we got to it everyone was pretty full so most people just took a few bites. Oh well. Good recipe though, I might make it again.

Tonight we went to see Cars and really enjoyed it. I thought I would, because I like Pixar movies and I like cars, but it was even better than I expected. Nice message, gorgeous scenery, a lot of cute touches. But when we left the theatre I really wanted to go for a drive... :-)
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Tonight we went with our friends M & B (and their friend C) to see An Inconvenient Truth. I don't know if it would be entirely accurate to say that I enjoyed it, since it was rather disturbing, but it was brilliantly done. I would strongly encourage you to go see it, both because I think it should be seen, and because high ticket sales may raise awareness that people do care about this issue. (Though based on current movie rankings, it's getting a lot of attention.)

It also made me desperately wish, once again, that the 2000 decision had come down in favor of Al Gore... (sigh)
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Went to another movie tonight. (This is unusual, really!) My mom and Aunt S. (who's visiting from Ohio - she came in for Shavuous) decided we should have a "girls' night," so we went, with my mother's friend L., to see Keeping Up with the Steins. It was actually much better than I expected. Judging from the few reviews I'd seen I had been expecting it to be lame and/or goofy. It was actually very cute and rather sweet. If you're in the mood for something light, you might want to check it out.
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Tonight we went to see a special showing of Forbidden Planet with our friends M & B (and their friend B2). We'd been planning this for several weeks, but after B wrote to me yesterday pointing out that it had been mentioned in the Globe (it's funny that he noticed and I didn't b/c they live in RI), I thought I had better go buy the tickets this morning. It's a good thing that I did because it completely sold out. The theatre was packed. (I love living in Boston!) The introductory speaker gave an interesting presentation on how the field of robotics has progressed and what they're working on now. And seeing the movie on the large screen with several hundred fellow geeks was a lot of fun. It's amazing how the effects have held up. After the movie we went for ice cream (which was an adventure in itself b/c they'd left their car downtown and taken the T from there, so we all squished into my car... 5 not-small adults in a Camaro requires a certain amount of flexibility, but fortunately we weren't going far) and geeked about movies and such. Lovely evening. This "seeing friends" stuff is fun, we should try to do more of it...
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Tonight we went and saw the new X-Men movie with [ profile] ladysprite and [ profile] umbran, who we don't get to see nearly often enough, so that was a treat in itself. The movie was good on the whole though there were a few moments that made you blink and shake your head. I won't get more specific as I don't know who's seen it, but if you have seen it feel free to comment. If you haven't seen it yet and are planning to, though, be sure to stay through the credits...
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As many of you will have noticed, we had snow Friday. Read more... )

Tonight we went to see The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with a few (non-LJ) friends. I thought it was good, but not amazing. I haven't read the series, so I could only judge it on its merits as a movie. SD- knows a lot more about it so he commented about what they left out, but that always happens when they adapt a book. From what he said they mostly stuck to the story, though. But I wouldn't say it was a good movie for little kids - some of scenes were fairly violent (thus the PG rating). I'll be curious to see whether they film the rest of the series.
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Anyone want to go see "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" with us next Saturday night (12/10)? We'll probably be going to a 7 p.m. showing; most likely choices are Fenway, Chestnut Hill, or Dedham. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll keep you posted as specifics develop. Thanks!

(Fair warning: I haven't read the Narnia books, so I won't know what's missing. [ profile] sdavido did his doctoral dissertation on them, so he'll probably notice all kinds of things you've never thought about...)


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