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For those who haven't heard, it's going to be Wicked Cold tomorrow. Dress accordingly...


Apr. 27th, 2010 06:31 pm
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The forecast for Sunday is gorgeous... perfect day for a barbecue!
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Does anyone know what happened to Images & Frames, on Comm. Ave. (near the big Shaw's)? I just heard that the store is now empty. That's been my go-to framing place for years, so I'm hoping that they've moved somewhere else, rather than gone out of business.

On a different note, does anyone know whether there's something weird going on with the weather line (617-WE6-xxxx)? I haven't been able to get through on that lately, so I've started wondering whether I just have bad timing, or whether it's something more...
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Lovely December weather in Boston... it's 69 degrees here right now, after near-hurricane conditions earlier this morning. (Fortunately I went back to grab a short-sleeve shirt after realizing how fast the temperature was climbing.) Then it's supposed to go back down to the low 40s this weekend, with a chance of snow Saturday night. Planning to get my snow tires on tomorrow, in case (later than usual but this year's been weird) - but it's nice to have an interlude before winter really hits.
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Just keep thinking, At least we shouldn't have a drought this summer...

(There's a big window behind me, and the sheets of rain falling from the sky sound like a train roaring past. Wow.)
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haven't needed to water anything in a while
saving money on A/C electricity

more gloom
even more gloom

Really, if I wanted to live in Seattle, I'd move there...

(June overview provided for your amusement.)
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There's, like, this big bright thing in the sky...

(I'm trying remember the last time it wasn't cloudy in the morning. Could it possibly be 2 weeks? Wow.)


Dec. 13th, 2007 05:17 pm
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As most of you know, it's snowing out there. Since the forecast wasn't great, I left the store around 1 pm, just when it started to come down. I figured I'd beat the rush home. No such luck. It usually takes me about 1/2 hour (sometimes less) to get home. Today it took a full 3 hours. Traffic was intense, roads were messy, visibility was awful. Fortunately most of the trip was more boring than anything else (creeping along at 3 MPH), but I'm really glad to be home... Anyone who's still out there, please be careful!


Dec. 10th, 2007 12:31 am
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I don't mind winter normally, but this is the type of forecast that makes me want to stay inside...
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A large chunk of California is on fire.
New Orleans is flooded again.
There's a severe drought in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.
Tornadoes in Michigan.
And so on, and so on.
In Boston, it's been... lovely. Really, really lovely.
I know at some point the seasons will remember they're supposed to change, and we'll get snow, and possibly ice. But considering what else we could be dealing with, I'll stay with the snow, thanks.

Gasp . . .

Sep. 26th, 2007 02:09 pm
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Was just outside putting some last touches on the succah decorations. It is not supposed to be 92 degrees outside in Boston during Sukkot...
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Too hot to stay online. Ugh. Is it fall yet?...

Not fair

Oct. 6th, 2006 01:25 am
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We've had several days of lovely, springlike warm weather, and now it's turning cold again... just in time for us all* to eat our meals sitting outside. Hmph.

* Those of us who observe Sukkot, at least.
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Yesterday I got caught in the rainstorm while running errands (around 2 pm). It came on very suddenly... when I left my car in the parking lot it was sunny out, but when I was ready to leave the Butcherie shortly thereafter it was pouring. Torrential rain. I put a plastic grocery bag over my head for lack of other protection but the rest of me got throughly drenched walking the block-and-a-half to the car. The rain was so intense you almost couldn't see across the street, and the water in the middle of the street when I crossed (not just where it dips down to the sidewalk) was almost ankle-deep. Unreal... I've never seen rain like that. I wound up giving a ride home to a stranger who was leaving the store at the same time, just because I couldn't see anyone walking home in that. Then I finished my errands (of course, it cleared a few minutes later), but when I got home an hour and a half later my clothes were still soggy. Ugh!

Today we were invited out for lunch to a birthday party. So naturally I made a dessert. (New recipe - a fudge-nut pie.) Came out well... nice and intense... but by the time we got to it everyone was pretty full so most people just took a few bites. Oh well. Good recipe though, I might make it again.

Tonight we went to see Cars and really enjoyed it. I thought I would, because I like Pixar movies and I like cars, but it was even better than I expected. Nice message, gorgeous scenery, a lot of cute touches. But when we left the theatre I really wanted to go for a drive... :-)


Feb. 26th, 2006 02:29 am
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Since it snowed today, and tonight felt like a "cocoon night," I decided to make French toast. I tend to like French toast (this shouldn't surprise most of you), and I had most of a challah set aside which would work very well.

Originally I was going to use the standard family recipe, which is pretty simple, but I decided to pull out the Best Recipe cookbook (which [ profile] folkmew refers to as "Getting Fat and Loving It" - speaking of which, MEW, you might be interested in this), and see if they had a French toast recipe. They did, of course. A bit more involved than the usual, but I decided to try it.

And, well... wow. What a difference. I usually drench my French toast in maple syrup, but this version really didn't need it. Definitely worth the extra bit of fuss, but I might be a bit spoiled for other versions now.

(In the meantime it's somehow gotten late again, I'll have to finish catching up on mail and posts tomorrow.)

Quiet day

Feb. 13th, 2006 12:37 am
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Today was the first Sunday in a very long time that I've been home. I was able to catch up on a lot of little things - sweeping, vacuuming, folding laundry, scrubbing the kitchen sink and stovetop, etc. It was really nice to have a large enough block of time that I could make some real progress. (Most evenings lately, by the time I leave the store, pick up [ profile] sdavido from work, come home, make/eat/clean up from dinner, go through mail, etc. it's already after 10, and I don't feel like starting many projects at that point.) I felt like doing something a little different for dinner, so I made omelettes, which I haven't done in a while. Then we went and dug out the car. The center of the driveway had been shovelled, but not our space - the snow was about up to mid-thigh on me. Fortunately it was light, fluffy snow, so it didn't take too long. Tomorrow we go back to normal, but it was nice while it lasted...
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In case you haven't heard, Michelle Kwan has dropped out of the Olympics. I feel badly for her but it sounds like she's making the right decision. And I'm sure she was also feeling tremendously pressured b/c since she already has a silver and a bronze, anything less than a gold would have been looked at as a disappointment by some people. (Ridiculous, but true.) Hopefully she won't have too many regrets. This does change the dynamics, though... the fact that the alternate is Sarah Hughes' sister is fascinating.

And, news for those of you who aren't into ice skating... we didn't open the store today b/c of the snow. (You might have already figured that out.) My mother is still musing about the two of us going in and rearranging some displays, etc. that we can't really do when there are customers, but it's kind of nice to have a snow day... we'll see how it goes.
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As many of you will have noticed, we had snow Friday. Read more... )

Tonight we went to see The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with a few (non-LJ) friends. I thought it was good, but not amazing. I haven't read the series, so I could only judge it on its merits as a movie. SD- knows a lot more about it so he commented about what they left out, but that always happens when they adapt a book. From what he said they mostly stuck to the story, though. But I wouldn't say it was a good movie for little kids - some of scenes were fairly violent (thus the PG rating). I'll be curious to see whether they film the rest of the series.
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[ profile] sdavido and I went to visit my mother at the hospital tonight. Read more... )

When is Spring, again?


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