Sep. 26th, 2012 10:59 pm
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For those who aren't on FB... congratulations to [ profile] lovensong87 and her husband on the birth of a baby boy!
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Brilliant... I had the same idea when that song came out, but they did a much better job with it than I would have!
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A beautiful, haunting song about the death of Pluto

And a commemorative t-shirt
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Went to a housefilk tonight at the home of [ profile] persis and [ profile] jslove. Had a lovely evening, and got to spend some time with [ profile] tarkrai... as well as [ profile] maedbh7, [ profile] happyfunpaul, and several other people whose LJ names I don't remember. We brought mint and caramel Oreos, which were very well received. Somehow the evening wound down into an extemporaneous group composition about [ profile] sdavido's teaching experiences. Could be scary if it ever gets finished. Also found out that tree frogs sound like ducks...
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We're back from Concertino! Read more... )

At this point I'm unpacked and pretty much caught up on e-mail, but I think I'd better call it a night so catching up on posts will have to wait 'til tomorrow. Hope you all had a good weekend!
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Just a quick update so you know I haven't forgotten about you... I'm still fighting a cold, and managed to wrench my back during a coughing fit this morning (sigh), so it may take me another day or two to catch up on e-mail and such. But I wanted to post a quick update, at least. Read more... )
In a completely unrelated bit of trivia, I notice that while we were away LiveJournal passed 5 million users. So your math question for today is: If we graph time elapsed vs. members, how long will it be before LJ takes over the world? A prize may be awarded if you can prove your answer. (Trying not to obsess about the election tomorrow! Gulp.)
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After much debate about what [ profile] sdavido and I should bring to OVFF for the auction, I had an idea. I spent tonight making Igor Bars. (I've actually been wanting to do that for a while, but needed a reason...) So, we're bringing along a full pan for the auction, and a few more in case anyone wants a sample. :-) People with a low sugar tolerance should probably give a wide berth...
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Here's a new filk I was asked to pass along...Read more... )
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After much deliberation, [ profile] sdavido and I have decided that we're going to OVFF. Yay! It means we'll have to cut back elsewhere, but we didn't go last year, and there are so many people that we want to see... Hopefully we'll even get to talk to some of them! :-)


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