Apr. 27th, 2010 06:31 pm
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The forecast for Sunday is gorgeous... perfect day for a barbecue!
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As previously mentioned, [ profile] joecoustic is coming to visit (yaaaaaay!), and we'd like to give people an opportunity to see her while she's here. After some discussion we've decided to keep it casual rather than doing something structured. So, to that end...

You're invited to an
Open House
[ profile] joecoustic!
Sunday, May 31
from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
at our home

(drop me an e-mail if you need location/directions)

* Please let me know if you're planning on coming (and if you're planning on bringing anyone) so we'll know how many snacks/chairs/etc. we'll need. Thanks!

- furred felines will be present
- children are welcome as long as they're under supervision
- please don't bring food/drink (kosher household)... we'll have plenty to munch on
- no smoking unless you're a flame-based superhero

Looking forward to seeing you!
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[ profile] joecoustic is coming to visit! Yaaaaaaaaaay! So we thought we should give some other people a chance to see her, too. :-) Current thought is to have some form of gathering* at our place on Sunday, May 31. If you're interested, let me know, and I'll keep you posted with details as the plan develops.

* One possibility: a housefilk? How does one go about arranging such a thing?
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We're going to be having Shabbos dinner with [ profile] introverte and [ profile] 530nm330hz. Would anyone else like to join us? We'd be glad of more company, but if you're interested, please respond this week (1/7 - 12) with a note as to what you'd like to bring. I'd like to have final arrangements made by 1/16 at latest, and I really don't want to have to chase people. Thanks for understanding... Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Just got back from a Weird Al Yankovic concert. This was relatively spontaneous; a friend called us a couple days ago to say they had extra tickets, and did we want to go? We hesitated briefly because we're trying to budget carefully right now, but who knows when the next chance would be, and we haven't really done anything fun in ages... so we went. It was a lot of fun; he is (as many of you know) a great performer, and though it was mostly newer stuff there were some oldies mixed in too. (I just found a set list here which seems accurate.) But now I'm too tired to read posts, again... will have to try and catch up later.
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Does anyone know a good ice cream place in walking distance of (ideally) the Orange Line, toward the northern end? Some friends from the midwest are going to be in town soon after we move, and we usually take them someplace for Good Ice Cream. (I think last time it was Christina's.) But with 2 of us, 2 of them, and their 6-year-old, fitting into my car is a bit of a challenge, so I was hoping we could find someplace either in walking distance of the Malden West End or accessible via T. Any ideas would be appreciated...
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Went and saw Ghost Rider tonight. I thought it was a pretty good comic-book movie - reasonable plot, good effects, and not as creepy as I expected. [ profile] sdavido said there were a few deviations from the "real" story but he thought it was reasonably close. In all it was a fun way to spend an evening, particularly since we got to spend some time catching up with a non-LJ friend afterwards. We haven't gotten to do much socializing lately.

LJ week

Dec. 6th, 2006 01:37 am
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We've had several cameo appearances at the store this week. Sunday [ profile] dancingdeer and lucky fiance [ profile] points came in to do some preliminary research. Monday [ profile] mabfan dropped in to say Hello while en route to meet [ profile] gnomi. And today [ profile] teddywolf was in the neighborhood and stopped by to visit. (Unfortunately I had just run out to take a neighbor-merchant to pick up her car at the mechanic - sorry I missed you!) It's unusual to see so many people I know socially in such a short span of time. Wow, I feel so popular... :-)


Oct. 24th, 2006 02:48 am
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Finally got everything put back in the kitchen cabinet! Yay! It took longer than I would have liked because when I started putting stuff back in, I realized that a couple shims got misplaced during the repair work, so if I loaded the cabinet it would fall over. Not good. I didn't have a chance to buy more shims until Friday, and we weren't around this weekend * , so tonight was my first chance. It's so nice to not have bags on the floor...

...for a couple days at least, then I have to clear our stuff out of the back hall because it's being painted. (sigh) It's always something...

* This weekend we spent a lovely Shabbos with [ profile] introverte and [ profile] 530nm330hz, during which we attended a Bar Mitzvah we were invited to... and Saturday night was the associated party. Sunday was work, Sunday night we had dinner with a friend (crossing paths briefly with [ profile] gnomi and [ profile] mabfan), then I had to catch up on bills and such. So I hadn't had time to reorganize the cabinet.
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Tonight we had dinner with [ profile] tarkrai at Taam China 2. He was coming from 495, so it was geographically convenient (and we didn't want to pass up the chance to spend time with him while he's in town). The restaurant is tucked in on a side street, and easy to pass by if you don't know where it is - [ profile] sdavido felt that they need a more prominent sign facing the street - but it has an actual parking lot, which is a nice bonus.

Once you're inside, the space is quite impressive - two floors, each of which is larger than their original location. We were seated in a booth upstairs, and while there were other people in the room, it was still quiet enough that we could have a normal conversation. Most of the menu was familiar, although they seem to have added a couple dishes which previously were only available at Shalom Hunan. The food and the service were both quite good. (Although I still did get heartburn afterwards, which never happened to me at Shalom Hunan... oh well.)

If you don't mind going beyond Brookline, and would like to try a restaurant that feels a little fancier, I would definitely recommend checking it out.
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Tonight we went to a karoake bar with [ profile] aunt_becca & R. (and several of their other friends) to celebrate R.'s birthday. I'd never been to one before... it was an interesting experience. I was surprised by how many of the selected songs I didn't know. Everyone in our group did a good job covering their chosen songs, and [ profile] sdavido impressed the crowd with the speed of his elocution on Devil Went Down to Georgia - he was actually ahead of the screen at a couple points. I didn't want to get up in front of the crowd, but amused myself by reassembling the 400-page song notebook, which had come apart and was being passed around in pieces. (Yes, I consider that fun. Yes, I know I'm strange.) There was also a young lady who did an amazing job singing At Last... someone with that good a voice really deserves a better venue, but she seemed to be enjoying herself. Could be an interesting place to go with a bunch of filkers...
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Went to a housefilk tonight at the home of [ profile] persis and [ profile] jslove. Had a lovely evening, and got to spend some time with [ profile] tarkrai... as well as [ profile] maedbh7, [ profile] happyfunpaul, and several other people whose LJ names I don't remember. We brought mint and caramel Oreos, which were very well received. Somehow the evening wound down into an extemporaneous group composition about [ profile] sdavido's teaching experiences. Could be scary if it ever gets finished. Also found out that tree frogs sound like ducks...
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We're back from Concertino! Read more... )

At this point I'm unpacked and pretty much caught up on e-mail, but I think I'd better call it a night so catching up on posts will have to wait 'til tomorrow. Hope you all had a good weekend!


Jun. 11th, 2006 01:57 am
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We had a visit today from an old friend who was in town for a conference... it was nice to have a chance to catch up. And he pointed out that he's recently added an RSS feed of his blog, so I've syndicated it. Those of you who are interested, it should be at [ profile] jrhughson. If you don't recognize the name, don't worry about it... :-)
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We went down to Boskone tonight to visit with some out-of-town friends who were in for the convention. Since we hadn't bought memberships (couldn't afford the hotel rates, unfortunately), we didn't go to any of the convention activities (though an eager committee member did drag us in to see their decorations for the Hawaiian space party), but we had a lovely evening catching up with [ profile] folkmew over ice cream, and chatting with [ profile] tarkrai as he rested between filk appearances. It would have been sad to have two people we rarely see so close by and not have a chance to get together, so we were really glad that we were able to work out a way to connect.
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Busy afternoon at the store today, followed by Arisia meeting, followed by - finally! - going for ice cream with [ profile] roozle. We've been talking about getting together outside of a meeting for a couple of years now, but somehow haven't been able to find a time. This time it actually worked. It has been done, therefore it can be done... might even happen again sometime. :-)

(Need to catch up with people socially in general... though some get-togethers might have to wait 'til we've tamed the Clutter Monster, and can have people over again.)
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Tonight [ profile] sdavido and I went to the supermarket, and while wandering around, I noticed a woman carrying a bag covered with what looked like Nancy buttons. Hmmmm. While I was trying to read them from a distance to see if that's what they were, the woman turned slightly, and I saw that she was wearing an Arisia '06 T-shirt. Aha! OK, now we knew she was a fan... I spent the next several minutes trying obliquely to figure out if I'd seen her before. I didn't think we knew her, but I felt that I had to say something to her; I can't walk by someone wearing an Arisia shirt and not acknowledge it. I did try a casual comment along the lines of "nice shirt" at one point, but she didn't hear me. (I don't project very well; SD- usually speaks for me when I need someone's attention, but he's lost most of his voice to a cold for the moment.) I was deliberating whether/how to start a conversation for the rest of our shopping trip, to SD-'s annoyance and/or amusement. Finally, when we were checking out, I decided I had to say something or else I'd be upset with myself for the rest of the night. So I walked up and started reading her buttons. (Always a good conversation starter!) She turned out to be equally pleased at running into fen at the supermarket, and we wound up standing in the parking lot talking until I felt I had to get SD- home and out of the cold. Of course she has an LJ account, too... so we have now made the acquaintance of [ profile] lovelyblackrose. Who, it turns out, lives just a few blocks away. Amazing how the world keep shrinking...
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We're spending this visit to Ohio, as we often do, trying to see as many people as we can! Today we had lunch with [ profile] pandorahunter and [ profile] ronyon, then went to visit Aunt H. with [ profile] sdavido's brother N. (sister-in-law [ profile] kiddr was sadly unable to come) and their parents. We then all returned home and had dinner with Aunt B. [ profile] joecoustic came into town too, and we hope to spend some time with her tomorrow and/or Wednesday. Tomorrow night we're getting together with [ profile] bug_mama and [ profile] david_brenner. Wednesday night we're having dinner with cousin G. There are more people we'd like to see, and places we'd like to go, but since we're coming back Thursday it's hard to say how much we can fit in. We're trying, though!

(The only sad note is that Aunt H. - who is 92 and in a nursing home - was admitted to the hospital tonight, but we're praying it's something minor. We should know more tomorrow.)
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What I've been up to, and what I'll be doing, +/- a few days from now... Read more... )
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It's been a nice weekend so far. Friday night and Shabbos we ate at my mother's (with a few other people), and she made a few of my favorite things. :-) Particularly cool was the fact that a rose has bloomed on the rescued rosebush; it opened on Shabbos. I thought that was a wonderful birthday present. ([ profile] sdavido has been continually surprising me with presents; there's still one left to open.) Saturday night we got together with our friend MR, who we haven't seen in months, and introduced him to The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, which he very much enjoyed. Today our friends MP&BE, who we also haven't seen in months, came for lunch, and we spent an enjoyable afternoon chatting and catching up (and going for ice cream). And, as a bonus, since we were having company, the condo is clean! (Well, mostly - stuff did get shoved into certain areas toward the end.) Hopefully it'll stay that way. Tomorrow might be an at-home day because SD- has some syllabi to finish for this week's classes. But since we decided not to open the store, maybe I'll just find a spot outside to sit with a book, and enjoy the nice weather...


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