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Since the start of the New Year (about a week and a half ago), three friends of ours have gotten engaged. Hope the trend continues!
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Up too late so I'm going to try and keep this short, but I wanted to post an update.

This afternoon Read more... )
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As you may have guessed by now, we're home. :-) We had a lovely trip to northern Ohio. (Didn't get to see [ profile] sdavido's family as we were in Akron and they're in Cincinnati - midwest states are big! But we'll see them soon.) Sunday night we got together with S-'s friends G & A, and their two children; we haven't seen them since soon after our wedding, so it was nice to have a chance to catch up. Monday morning we did some exploring within walking distance of our hotel - namely, we went to a bookstore and a supermarket. :-) Fortunately we enjoy the same things.

Monday evening was my cousin B's wedding. We're happy and excited for her, of course, but it required a little mental adjustment because (1) she just turned 21, and (2) she's become much more religious recently. So last time I saw her, she was a belly-baring teenager, and this time she was reciting tehillim and marrying a guy in a black hat. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it was just a bit unexpected. Anyway... the wedding was lovely. The only downside was that the ceremony was outside, and the weather was in the 90s and humid. And of course everyone was dressed formally. I wound up sitting further back than I ordinarily would because I really wanted to be in the shade. But the rest of the evening went smoothly, and I got to chat with some cousins and such I don't ordinarily see. (Hey, [ profile] gnomi, my half-stepcousin-once-removed A. was there too...)

This morning we went to my aunt's house for breakfast and a chance to see the family in a more casual setting. Then it was off to the airport; we got there early to make sure we could sit together (Airtran doesn't guarantee seats), but then the flight was delayed, so we wound up hanging around the gate area for almost 3 hours. At least we had brought stuff to read. Fortunately the actual flight went smoothly, and now we're back, catching up. If anyone wants further details, let me know!
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For those who are interested, here are a few photos from [ profile] kiddr's wedding to [ profile] sdavido's brother N. last weekend. This turned into a bit of a project b/c the new version of Netscape won't let you FTP for some reason, so I had to find an old version online (a bit of a challenge) and download it, and since I switched computers I don't have PhotoShop anymore so I couldn't resize them... but it all worked out in the end. Enjoy! Read more... )
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This weekend we went to Cincinnati for [ profile] sdavido's brother N's wedding to the lovely [ profile] kiddr. I'm up too late catching up from the trip (of course) but I'll try to summarize. Read more... )
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This afternoon [ profile] sdavido and I had the pleasure of watching [ profile] ladysprite and [ profile] umbran get married. Read more... )
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Decided to post these separately, so those who just wanted to read the previous post wouldn't have to wait for pictures to load.

Here are a few pictures from First Night at Noreascon: Read more... )
And here are a few from the wedding we went to recently: Read more... )
I cropped several of these so they'd load faster, hopefully the proportions are all right.
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Sorry I still haven't caught up on posts, my back's been acting up for some reason so I can't sit for very long... but hopefully it'll be better soon and I can go through and see what I've missed. :-)

Busy weekend coming up; my cousin A. is coming in from NY with her new fiance so we can all meet him, I expect we'll mostly be at my parents' on Shabbos. Saturday night we're going to the wedding of two gay friends - actually just to the reception, since it starts before sundown we'll miss the ceremony. Grump. And Sunday night we're supposed to have dinner with some friends. So I may not catch up in the next day or two, but hopefully I will eventually!


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