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[ profile] sdavido was home today, and he noticed that the house was getting rather cold. Turning up the heat and adjusting the radiators didn't seem to have any effect. Fortunately we have a totally awesome plumber, who was able to wedge us into his already-hectic day. After a bit of experimentation he found the problem: The thermostat had blown. SD- says that when the plumber took the old one off the wall there was a scorch mark. Wow. I didn't even know that was possible. Apparently it wasn't installed right. (Not a surprise, unfortunately.) So now we have a shiny new thermostat, with a little patch of old wallpaper next to it (which we'll patch eventually)... and heat! Yay for things that work!
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Someone reminded me that I hadn't posted a photo of the Arisia GOHs with the GOH cake... Read more... )

And, while I had the CD in the other night, I meant to post a followup to my previous post about the wall damage. Read more... )


Nov. 30th, 2006 11:55 pm
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We're losing power in less than 10 minutes! Aiiieeee! I need more time...
("Routine maintenance" is so inconvenient...)


Nov. 6th, 2006 12:55 am
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They're painting the stairwells/hallways in our building... I assumed they were going to do neutral colors again (had been shades of brown), but it's looking like the walls are going to be bright yellow, and the trim/railings/doors are going to be army green. Urgh. Aside from the fact that I just Really Don't Like those colors, it also feels like a '70s flashback. Coming home to this is going to take some getting used to...


Nov. 4th, 2006 10:44 pm
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They've finally fixed the boiler! Yaaaaaay! I was getting so tired of washing dishes in cold water...
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I don't know if I've mentioned this here before, but for several months we've been hearing a loud, rumbling noise, like a train, running through our ceiling. Our neighbor upstairs has had the same noise in her floor, so we were pretty sure it was coming from a pipe or something in between our units. The three of us have been alternately nagging the management company to try and get them to figure out what's causing it, and fix it. But of course when they send someone over, they don't hear the noise.

When I got home from doing errands yesterday, there was a guy from the heating company in the furnace room (which is next to our unit - we're in the basement). I asked him if he knew what was causing the noise, and he told me that they figured out that the casing on the boiler was cracked, so it wasn't maintaining the needed pressure, and had to keep pulling in more water. He said they were going to be fixing it soon and that should take care of the noise. Yay!

Well, when [ profile] sdavido got home tonight (while I was at the aforementioned movie), he found a guy from the management company in the furnace room. Apparently the boiler cracked the rest of the way sometime during the night, so the furnace room was flooded... and we now have no heat or hot water. Yeeek! The guy gave us a space heater to use for now, which was nice of him, but I don't know what we're going to do about showers and such. (If it takes too long, we might have to go over to my mother's.) Thankfully it's not too cold outside, but it's still a bit chilly in here... I really hope they're able to fix it soon!


Oct. 24th, 2006 02:48 am
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Finally got everything put back in the kitchen cabinet! Yay! It took longer than I would have liked because when I started putting stuff back in, I realized that a couple shims got misplaced during the repair work, so if I loaded the cabinet it would fall over. Not good. I didn't have a chance to buy more shims until Friday, and we weren't around this weekend * , so tonight was my first chance. It's so nice to not have bags on the floor...

...for a couple days at least, then I have to clear our stuff out of the back hall because it's being painted. (sigh) It's always something...

* This weekend we spent a lovely Shabbos with [ profile] introverte and [ profile] 530nm330hz, during which we attended a Bar Mitzvah we were invited to... and Saturday night was the associated party. Sunday was work, Sunday night we had dinner with a friend (crossing paths briefly with [ profile] gnomi and [ profile] mabfan), then I had to catch up on bills and such. So I hadn't had time to reorganize the cabinet.
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The work on our kitchen walls has finally been completed. Yay! It looks sooo much better, it's amazing... you almost can't tell anything ever happened. It's nice to have walls that don't look like there are slime creatures living in them.

Now I just have to put the kitchen back together... sort through the bags and figure out what goes where. But hopefully we won't have to deal with any more repair work for a while.

And, on a side note, our bathroom towel rack came off this morning (again)... so I thought, "well, asking worked last time," and left the carpenter a note asking if he could look at the towel bar if he had a chance. I came home to find the rack repaired. Yay! Not having towels fall on the floor will be a nice plus, too.

In other news, yesterday morning I thought my left rear tire felt a little low. (I'm very sensitive about my car.) So I took it in to the tire center, and it turned out I was right... and they wound up having to replace the tire (fortunately I got the warranty), because they said it couldn't be repaired. Which is unusual for them (I highly recommend Sullivan, if you need tires). But the diagnosis turned out to be: Two nails in the sidewall. Owch! I'm really glad I took it in before it got worse, though I have no idea how that could have happened... but it feels so much more solid now. I like when my car is happy.

And the timestamp seems to be running 4 hours fast for some reason... weird. Maybe it'll correct itself later.
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I know you're all thrilled by the ongoing saga, so...

The plumber fixed the new leak, and replaced a couple other old rusty valves while he was in there. But when he finished, the maintenance guy called me and said he thought it was too late in the day (2 p.m.) to start tearing the walls apart. And they're not working Monday (Columbus Day)... so they're going to come back Tuesday and start the actual repair work. (Not sure yet whether it'll take 1 day or 2.)

So that'll be a week and a half of dodging around the stuff we emptied out of the cabinet... urgh. It's a little annoying that it keeps getting pushed off, but I know that it's necessary; it doesn't make sense to box it in if it might start leaking again.

However, we did get something positive out of this. Our kitchen faucet has been sputtering lately. We figured it was probably a washer, but [ profile] sdavido hasn't had a chance to go to the hardware store and get one. Well, I realized after I got to work this morning that there was a plumber in our kitchen! So I called the maintenance guy and asked him if the plumber could look at the sink, as long as it wouldn't take him away from what he needed to do. I figured it would be a minute's work for him to change the washer, and then we'd have a working sink again. (It's been really annoying.) Well, when I spoke to him in the afternoon, he said it turned out to be the whole - um - whatever the bottom part of the faucet is called, but the plumber had a spare so they fixed it. Yahoo! It's soooo nice to have a steady stream of water again... makes me more equanimous about waiting a few more days for them to fix the walls.
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The maintenance men came this morning and took the patch off the wall, only to discover that one of the other valves inside was leaking. (Not nearly as bad as the last time, but still, they didn't want to seal it up like that.) They couldn't get the plumber to come today, so they're supposed to come back with him tomorrow, and once he fixes the new leak they'll start working on the walls. Chances are they won't be able to do it in one day, but I really need to use the kitchen on Friday, so they'll most likely be coming back to finish the work on Monday. Hopefully we won't hit any more snags.

In the meantime I remembered late last night that we were supposed to take everything off the top of the fridge (we keep a small shelf unit up there) so that they could move it away from the wall. So around 2 a.m. I was pulling stuff down from atop the fridge and putting it in bags. We now have all the stuff from the big cabinet and all the stuff from atop the fridge squished together on our kitchen floor. And in the end they wound up not moving the fridge because the new leak needs to be fixed first... (siiiiigh)
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Not sure how much you all remember, but, several months ago there was a major water leak from one of the units upstairs. Read more... )

Flame on!

Sep. 7th, 2006 02:19 am
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Those of you who have been listening to me complain about the temperature in our oven running too low will be happy to know that we finally got it fixed. Turns out that the ignitor needed to be replaced... it had probably been failing, and gradually getting worse, for a while. Now that we have a shiny new ignitor, it's heating up much faster. Yay! I may have to bake something to test it out. :-)
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We've been having trouble with leaks in our kitchen. Read more... )
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The carpenter came back, the dryer vent is in, and our kitchen no longer doubles as a sauna. Yay!

Up too late packing as usual, and have to get up early to head to the airport, so I'd better call it a night... have a good weekend, everyone!


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